“Radiant and Bold: Jennifer Lawrence Stuns in a Plunging White Gown at the Premiere of Her Latest Golden Globe-Nominated Film”

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning at the premiere of her latest movie, Joy, in New York City. Despite the chilly weather, the 25-year-old actress was confident in her choice of attire, showing off some cleavage in a white spaghetti-strap dress that accentuated her slender frame. The gorgeous backless gown flowed gracefully to the floor and featured a short train that added a touch of elegance to Jennifer’s overall look. Check out the video below for a closer look at her red carpet appearance.

Heavenly: Jennifer Lawrence kept it simple in a plunging white gown as she stepped out at the premiere of her new movie Joy in New York City on Sunday evening

Jennifer Lawrence stunned in a classic and uncomplicated look at the premiere of her latest film Joy in New York City on Sunday. She wore a white dress with a deep V-neckline that emphasized her natural beauty.

Stunning: The actress, 25, looked sensational in the floor-length dress that had spaghetti-straps

The 25-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning in her spaghetti-strapped floor-length dress. Her blonde hair was styled in a blunt cut bob parted on one side and feathered at the neck. What’s more impressive is that this is her third time working with director David O. Russell and her fourth time co-starring with Bradley Cooper. She has already bagged a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Musical. The movie itself has also been nominated for a Best Picture – Musical or Comedy Golden Globe. Keep up with Jennifer Lawrence’s latest news and style as she attends the Joy premiere.

Standing out: Jennifer was the center of attention on the red carpet, that was actually blue

At the blue carpet event, Jennifer definitely stole the show and turned heads with her phenomenal presence.

Daring: The starlet showed off plenty of skin in the low-cut and backless gown

Daring: The starlet showed off plenty of skin in the low-cut and backless gown

Bold: The actress confidently flaunted her curves in a form-fitting gown with a deep neckline and open back, revealing plenty of skin.

Centre of attention: All eyes were on the 25-year-old as she posed for pictures ahead of the screening

The 25-year-old commanded everyone’s attention as she struck a pose for photos before the screening.

More awards glory: The blonde beauty has been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in Joy, that's loosely based on a true story

Exciting news on the awards front! The lovely blonde actress has recently received a Golden Globe nomination for her outstanding performance in the movie Joy. The film is based on a true story and she truly deserves the recognition for her talent.

She's loving it! Jennifer was as animated as ever as she took questions from members of the press

Jennifer was absolutely delighted as she enthusiastically fielded inquiries from the media. The film follows the journey of a determined young woman who strives to succeed as a businesswoman and entrepreneur despite facing numerous challenges. She eventually establishes herself as the founder and leader of a thriving empire, drawing inspiration from the real-life accomplishments of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the innovative Miracle Mop.

Good friends: The actress couldn't wait to greet her co-star Bradley Cooper, breaking off from a TV interview to give him a big hug

Good friends: The actress couldn't wait to greet her co-star Bradley Cooper, breaking off from a TV interview to give him a big hug

Close pals: The performer was eager to welcome Bradley Cooper, her on-screen partner, and halted a television interview to embrace him warmly.

Headlock: J-Law embraced her handsome co-star as they greeted one another at the photocall

Hug in a headlock: J-Law warmly greeted her good-looking co-star with a tight embrace during their photo session.

Co-stars: Jennifer and Bradley's latest projects means they have now made four films together

Jennifer and Bradley have teamed up again for their latest projects, marking the fourth time they have worked together on the big screen.

Stars of the evening: Jennifer and Bradley were joined by Joy Mangano, whose life the film is based on

Jennifer and Bradley were accompanied by Joy Mangano, the real-life inspiration behind the movie, as they shone bright at the event.

Leading ladies: Joy, who is the creator of the Miracle Mop, stunned in an oxblood gown

The main female figures, particularly Joy, who is credited with inventing the Miracle Mop, looked absolutely gorgeous in an elegantly designed oxblood-colored dress.

Never one to fade into the background: Jennifer was hard to miss in her angelic ensemble

Never one to fade into the background: Jennifer was hard to miss in her angelic ensemble

Jennifer was the kind of person who always stood out. You couldn’t help but notice her in the beautiful outfit she wore that looked like something an angel would wear. She looked absolutely stunning from every angle. Lawrence did a great job with the floor-length dress which highlighted her curves perfectly.

Quick adjustment: Jennifer was seen making sure her earring didn't fall out 

Jennifer was spotted securing her earring to avoid it from slipping off.

Stunning: She dared to bare some cleavage in the plunging white dress that hugged her lithe figure

Impressive: She confidently flaunted her décolletage in a white dress with a deep neckline that accentuated her slender physique.

Floaty: The ethereal dress had a short train, which was on show as the star walked

The actress Jennifer Lawrence, popularly known as J-Law, looked stunning in an ethereal dress with a short train. As she walked out of her hotel with her date, it was revealed that her companion was none other than her father Gary Lawrence. They both headed towards the Ziegfeld Theatre where the premiere was being held. To keep herself warm, Jennifer wore a bright white jacket over her gown and carried a chic black, gold and silver clutch purse. Her father looked handsome in a suit and tie.

Paternal support: Jennifer looked pensive as she left her hotel accompanied by her father Gary Lawrence and headed to the premiere at Manhattan's Ziegfeld Theatre

Jennifer seemed deep in thought as she departed from her lodging, walking alongside her father Gary Lawrence on the way to the debut at Ziegfeld Theatre in Manhattan.

Coordinated look: As she walked, Jennifer revealed the strappy heels she was wearing under her full-length gown and her black pedicure and manicure matched the designer clutch she carried

Matching ensemble: Jennifer showcased her strappy heels peeking out from under her elegant full-length gown, while flaunting her beautifully painted black nails that perfectly complemented her designer clutch.

That's my boy! Jen's co-star Bradley Cooper, wearing a Thom Sweeney suit, also brought a parental date - his mom Gloria Campano

Great job, that’s Jennifer’s son! Bradley Cooper, who stars alongside Jen, arrived with his mother Gloria Campano, also dressed in a stylish Thom Sweeney suit, proving that family support is important even on the red carpet.

Man of the moment: Bradley starred with Jennifer in Russell's movies Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, and he also worked together with the actress in the film Serena

Bradley Cooper is the talk of the town, having shared screen time with Jennifer Lawrence in two of David O. Russell’s films, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. They also collaborated on the movie Serena.

Fancy seeing you here: Bradley beamed as he shock hands with fellow actor Jake McDorman

How wonderful to run into you here! Bradley exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear as he shook hands with his fellow actor, Jake McDorman.

She's his flower girl: Robert De Niro arrived hand-in-hand with wife Grace Hightower who channeled Mary Quant in a daisy-chain mini dress and knee-length black boots

Robert De Niro made a sweet entrance with his wife Grace Hightower, who looked like a modern-day Mary Quant in her adorable daisy-chain mini dress paired with chic knee-length black boots. She definitely stole the show as his flower girl.

New pals: The couple were accompanied by Australian businessman James Packer who bought a 20 percent stake in the actor's Nobu restaurant and hotel chain in late October

Fresh buddies: The pair was joined by Aussie entrepreneur James Packer, who acquired a 20% interest in the actor’s Nobu hotel and eatery franchise toward the end of October.

Making it happen: The film's producer Megan Ellison attended the premiere with Matthew Budman

Getting things done: Matthew Budman accompanied Megan Ellison, the producer of the film, to the premiere.

Come together: The whole cast joined forces for a group photograph at the star-studded premiere

During the star-studded premiere of David O. Russell’s latest film, the entire cast gathered for a group photo. The movie, which features Bradley Cooper, also includes renowned actors such as Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini, Diane Ladd, Edgar Ramirez, Elisabeth Rohm and Dascha Polanco. Notably, De Niro had previously worked with Russell on the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook, which earned Jennifer Lawrence her first Academy Award for Best Actress. De Niro arrived at the Joy premiere with his wife Grace Hightower and Australian businessman James Packer, who is currently dating Mariah Carey. Recently, De Niro and Packer announced a partnership in the actor’s Nobu restaurant and hotel chain.

Stylish: Blue Velvet actress Isabella Rossellini, who has a role in the movie, created some buzz by pairing a black jumpsuit with a taupe cape embellished with embroidered bees and ropes of chunky pearls

Fashionable: Isabella Rossellini, known for her role in Blue Velvet, generated excitement with her fashion choice. She paired a black jumpsuit with a taupe cape adorned with embroidered bees and thick strands of pearls.

Supporting role: Dascha Polanco plays Jennifer's best friend in the film and the Orange Is The New Black actress opted for a white satin dress

Supporting role: Dascha Polanco plays Jennifer's best friend in the film and the Orange Is The New Black actress opted for a white satin dress

In the movie, Dascha Polanco takes on the role of Jennifer’s closest confidant and friend. The actress from Orange Is The New Black decided to wear a gorgeous white satin dress for the part.

English beauty: Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer was one of the guests at the premiere and showed up in a stunning scarlet two-piece suit with a plunging black top and pointed toe black pumps with matching clutch

The premiere of a certain event had the pleasure of hosting one of the stars from Game of Thrones, the beautiful Natalie Dormer. She wore an eye-catching scarlet two-piece suit paired with a black plunging top and completed the look with pointed toe black pumps and a matching clutch. Her style was definitely worth noting.

Based on her life: Mangano no doubt made for a very special guest the screening

Mangano’s life story undoubtedly added a unique and memorable touch to the screening as a guest.

Coming very soon: Joy opens in theatres in North America on Christmas Day

Exciting news for moviegoers! Get ready to catch Joy on the big screen as it hits theatres in North America this Christmas Day. Stay tuned for the release and don’t miss out on the chance to watch this highly anticipated film.

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