“Exclusive Footage: Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Spotted in the South of France Following Massive 3 Billion USD Hornets Deal Caught on Camera”

The iconic basketball player, Michael Jordan, has recently been seen in public for the first time since his successful $3 billion sale of the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player for the Chicago Bulls, is currently on a summer trip to Southern Europe with his beautiful 44-year-old wife, Yvette Prieto. Their most recent destination on this Mediterranean adventure is Villefranche-sur-Mer.

The NBA board of governors gave the green light to the Hornets sale worth $3 billion, which was led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin. Michael Jordan celebrated his successful deal with a relaxing family swim in the South of France. He was seen enjoying the company of his partner Yvette on a lavish yacht in a French Riviera town.

The pair, who’ve been wed for a decade, were spotted socializing and giggling with their companions. Interestingly enough, they were aboard the M’Brace, a 74.5-meter yacht valued at $115 million that was built in 2018. The vessel can host 12 guests in eight distinct cabins, and it also boasts a personal pool. Jordan was later caught playfully ribbing Yvette as he feigned pushing her into the water.

The legendary athlete decided to take a dip, jumping into the water from the rear of the spacious boat. He enjoyed swimming around for a while before coming back onboard to dry himself up. Meanwhile, his partner Yvette looked stunningly fit and healthy as she flaunted her curves in a bright orange two-piece swimsuit, enjoying some sunbathing time on the deck.

Jordan sat back on his recliner, cherishing the precious moments spent with his loved ones. One of his twin daughters leaned in to give him a sweet kiss on the cheek, adding to the warmth of their family bond.

Yvette looked radiant with her large diamond studs as she joined her family on the deck of their yacht. After spending some quality time with her loved ones, she decided to take a dip in an AquaBana inflatable next to the luxurious boat.

Jordan made his debut in a family outing, which also served as his first public appearance following the approval of the sale of the Hornets. The deal is set to wrap up soon, but Jordan will continue to hold a minority stake in the team. Reports of his talks with Plotkin and Schnall about selling the franchise surfaced back in March.

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