Unexpected Visit from LeBron James Thrills School Students

LeBron James paid an unexpected visit to his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, where he posed for photos and interacted with students. The Lakers star, 38, surprised younger classes, much to their delight. Videos of the eventful day were shared by both the NBA player’s Family Foundation and the school’s social media channels.

The I Promise School recently posted a video of two boys chanting @kingjames’ name without realizing that the basketball star was in the same room as them. In the video, one of the boys notices LeBron James and starts yelling, while his friend is initially unaware. When the other boy sees James, he starts banging on the table and shaking his head like a cartoon character. Another video shows another classroom erupting in cheers once James enters the room. The basketball legend responded to the videos on Twitter, expressing how much he loves the kids.

In 2018, through the LeBron James Family Foundation, James established the I Promise School in his hometown with the goal of serving students who were at risk and providing their parents with a chance to complete their high school education. Additionally, the University of Akron offered free tuition to these students. In 2020, James partnered with Kent State to offer his 11th grade students four years of secured college tuition and one year of housing for free.

In a heartwarming video, Melody Tankersley, the interim senior vice president at Kent State, addressed the students saying that they were LeBron James’ first love and class, which laid the foundation for his success. Kent State President Todd Diacon also expressed his belief in the transformative power of higher education, which motivated them to provide this opportunity to the children.

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