The village of Kamenka has revealed a colossal sculpture of a three-headed dragon that can shoot real fireballs.

If you’ve ever laid eyes on a colossal three-headed dragon statue and wondered about its origin, you might be interested to know that it’s part of a Russian theme park filled with sculptures. Notably, this statue has an intimidating presence as it appears to scream menacingly and breathe fire.

Located in the village of Kamenka in Russia’s Lipetsk region, Zmei Gorynich has become a popular attraction. This magnificent three-headed sculpture boasts an exceptionally realistic design and is a captivating interpretation of one of Slavic folklore’s most notorious villains.

The daon statue is a part of the Kudykina Gora theme park, which is packed with all sorts of exciting things. Kudykina has become an exciting tourist destination, owing mainly to the Zmei Gorynich statue. It was created by Ukrainian sculptor Vladimir Kolesnikov. Zmei is about 15 meters tall and the size of a frightening three-headed daon. Oh, and to be clear, the daon does breathe fire.

It took the work of two long years to bring this life-size daon to reality from a concept. Finally, after two years, the raging monster was on display for enthusiasts to see and behold. It is situatedaop a mound in the Kudykina Gora park’s center.

The statue’s pictures garnered over a million likes while it was under construction back in 2017. It is now one of the main attractions of the Kamenka village. However, what lures in tens of thousands of tourists per annum is the fascination of seeing the beast in all its glory. Spouting flames through all its three mouths, leaving plumes of black smoke floating around.

This Life-Size, Three-Headed Dragon Statue In Russia Breathes Real Fire

This spectacle is on display daily at 1900 hours and on national holidays. But like all wonderous displays, this one also demands that the enthusiasts travel over 400 km from Moscow on the M4 Don highway. The family park that features this daon has other attractions for the whole family. A must-visit if you are in Russia.

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