“Meet the LeBron James Family: Inside the Viral Vanity Fair Photo featuring LeBron, Savannah, Bryce, Bronny, and Zhuri”

LeBron James and his family’s invite to Vanity Fair for a photoshoot in their Los Angeles home has taken the internet by storm. The images captured during the shoot have been widely shared online.

According to the New York Post, that’s what they claim.

On Tuesday, Vanity Fair made its way into the Los Angeles home of the iconic basketball player and his wife, Savannah James. The magazine captured some lovely family portraits of the couple along with their three children – Bronny (17), Bryce (15), and Zhuri (7). The photo session also included Savannah’s parents Jennifer and JK and James’ mother Gloria, among others who were present.

The luxurious West Coast property boasted of a magnificent black Porsche 918 Spyder and a stunning swimming pool adorned with marble accents. The Jameses, dressed in expensive clothing, were captured striking various poses. In 2013, LeBron and Savannah tied the knot after meeting in Ohio during their high school years. A snapshot from their honeymoon displays the couple hugging in a sports car. Moments before the photo was taken, LeBron whispered something humorous to Savannah, leaving her in fits of laughter. Although Savannah initially mentioned, “I cannot emphasize this enough,” she later clarified by saying, “not everything is suitable for everyone.” Some people questioned the James family’s tight-knit relationship and their passion for basketball, as they often donned identical uniforms.

The family looked adorable in their matching pajamas, with James and Zhuri sharing a sweet moment wearing identical Chrome Hearts overalls. Savannah proudly referred to her family as “dope” in various photos taken by the pool and in her luxurious bedroom. James and his sons enjoyed playing basketball on a hoop in their backyard, as seen in photos and behind-the-scenes footage. The trio also posed in matching swimwear on a crown-shaped float in the pool. The attention given to this black family in the media is refreshing and uplifting. Regardless of whether you believe LeBron is the greatest player ever, it’s important to note that he has never brought shame to his loved ones off the court. To view the images, simply navigate to the next page.

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