LeBron James Returns to Training after Son’s Health Scare, Sweat it Out with a Promising Young Baller on the Same Day of Bronny’s Release from Medical Care.

LeBron James is back in the gym after his son, Bronny, suffered a cardiac arrest during practice earlier this week. Although LeBron had to push back his workout schedule by a day, he still managed to find time to help out AJ Dybantsa, a basketball prodigy. Bronny was treated in intensive care in Cedars-Sinai but was discharged on Thursday and is now at home with his family as they continue to monitor his progress. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, LeBron is trying to maintain normalcy and was seen working out with AJ Dybantsa outside LA on Thursday. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who sent their positive messages and support during this tough time. For all the latest international sports news, you can visit DailyMail.com.

LeBron James worked out with basketball prodigy AJ Dybantsa on the same day his son Bronny was discharged from hospital

The workout had to be put back a day but James found time for the workout

On a recent day, LeBron James hit the gym with basketball phenom AJ Dybantsa while his son Bronny was being released from a medical facility.

Bronny (left) went into cardiac arrest on Monday and was discharged from hospital on Thursday

Bronny, the son of basketball superstar LeBron James, suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday and was discharged from the hospital on Thursday. He expressed gratitude towards the many people who sent love and prayers to his family through a tweet. According to The New York Times, Dybantsa is with his father in Los Angeles for career growth opportunities. The young prodigy apparently met with agents from Klutch Sports, James’ agency, and even worked out with the NBA legend himself. While more updates will come when they are ready, Bronny’s family is safe and healthy, and they appreciate everyone’s support. #JamesGang.

James thanked supporters for their messages on social media after his life was turned upside down

James expressed his gratitude to his supporters on social media for their messages during a difficult time in his life. The planned workout session was postponed due to Bronny’s sudden cardiac arrest, pushing it back by a day. Despite the challenging circumstances, Dybantsa appreciated LeBron’s willingness to meet him and work with AJ. The Massachusetts native empathized with James and his situation, noting that he had chills watching LeBron put on a brave face and help his son.

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