LeBron James and Stephen Curry as teammates: Anything is possible in 2024!

LeBron James và Stephen Curry chung màu áo: Mọi thứ đều có thể xảy ra ở năm  2024


The idea of Stephen Curry and LeBron James wearing the same team’s jersey is almost unbelievable, except for when they play together in the All-Star games. Nevertheless, a lot of fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to witness these two superstars dominate the NBA together, even if it’s just for one season. This scenario may soon become a reality in the near future if the Golden State Warriors seize the upcoming opportunity.

LeBron James và Stephen Curry chung màu áo: Phương án chắc chắn nhất mà Warriors sẽ sử dụng năm 2024 - Ảnh 1.

The prospect of Stephen Curry and LeBron James teaming up at the Warriors is no longer an impossible dream. Despite being 37 years old, LeBron James remains one of the top superstars in the basketball world with an incredible endurance. As a public icon with numerous accolades under his belt, it seems like there’s not much left for him to prove. However, the Lakers’ superstar isn’t afraid to share his ultimate goal – to play alongside his son LeBron James Jr., also known as Bronny James.


LeBron James says Stephen Curry is the NBA star he wants to play with most  - oregonlive.com

LeBron James has expressed his desire to play alongside his son during their last season. “Wherever Bronny is, I’ll be there. I will do everything to play alongside my son for a year, when salary is no longer important,” said Bronny’s father. With all the resources at his disposal, LeBron James is capable of achieving this goal. It would be an incredible feat for the father-son duo to play together on an NBA team, and it seems almost certain that LeBron and Bronny will be the first to make it happen. Given this, the Golden State Warriors have two ways to invite LeBron James to join their team, but the possibility remains open.

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