James Harden & PJ Tucker hanging out with new Clippers teammates Paul George, Russell Westbrook & Terance Mann!

James Harden arrives, welcomed in Clippers' locker room – Orange County  Register

The arrival of James Harden in the Clippers’ locker room signifies a significant moment in the NBA, as it suggests a new chapter in his career and the potential for fresh opportunities with his new team.

76ers, Clippers Agreeing to Late-Night James Harden Trade Had NBA Fans  Fuming at Woj - Sports Illustrated

As one of the league’s most prolific scorers and playmakers, Harden’s presence is sure to be a game-changer for the Clippers. His skills on the court, which include his incredible scoring ability and court vision, have the potential to elevate the team’s performance and make them serious contenders in the league.

James Harden 'ecstatic' after reported trade from 76ers to Clippers |  Philadelphia 76ers | The Guardian

The welcoming atmosphere in the Clippers’ locker room underscores the camaraderie and teamwork that are crucial for success in professional basketball. Harden’s integration into the team is an exciting development not only for the Clippers but also for fans of the game.

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