How Ayesha Curry’s Daughter is Pitching In During Steph Curry’s NBA Finals Championship Quest

According to the owner of International Smoke restaurant, Ayesha Curry, her nine-year-old daughter Riley has shown remarkable skills in the kitchen. Being a self-taught cook herself, Ayesha loves experimenting with meals for her family of five. She says that her daughter’s talent is incredible and it will be interesting to see what path she takes in the future. Ayesha proudly shares that Riley can cook chicken piccata from scratch, which was absolutely delicious.

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The atmosphere is quite busy at the Curry household due to Ayesha’s husband’s participation in the NBA Finals, which has been going on for a decade. Nonetheless, Ayesha finds pleasure in unwinding in the kitchen with her kids’ assistance during dinner time. As per Ayesha, her husband abstains from drinking alcohol during the season, allowing her to indulge in a small glass of wine while cooking. Additionally, the children request to assist with food preparation and chopping, adding to the lively ambiance. In separate news, Ayesha Curry has launched a unique collection of JustFab clothing that celebrates the legacy of significant black women. She considers it to be a remarkable opportunity.

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Ayesha, who has been busy experimenting with new dishes for her restaurants, is making use of her little sous chefs to taste-test potential menu items. She considers her family as the ultimate taste testers, and cooking with them is therapeutic for her. During the pandemic, there was a time when she didn’t feel like cooking anymore, and that’s how her last cookbook came about. But now, she’s back to enjoying elaborate meals that take time and effort to prepare. Ayesha’s passion for food and family extends to the wine industry too. Along with her sister-in-law Sydel, she has recently ventured into the business and is enjoying learning its intricacies.

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Ayesha Curry shares that she and her sister-in-law work together on blending sessions for their wine under their Domaine Curry brand. She believes that food and wine still go hand-in-hand as they spark conversations, bring people together, and create a collective enjoyable experience. Ayesha enjoys anything that fosters togetherness, and their wine business has been an incredible learning experience for them. Additionally, Steph Curry partners with Ayesha on her food-related endeavors, and they have decided to use their name for a good cause by providing 25 million meals for children in need with the help of local restaurants, including Ayesha’s.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry attend Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Eat. Learn. Play., unveiling a new mobile resource center at Franklin Elementary School on September 08, 2021 in Oakland, California

According to Ayesha, the Eat.Learn.Play Foundation was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with local restaurants in providing meals to school children during the pandemic. She expressed pride in the initiative because it allowed restaurants to remain open, retain their employees, and provided nourishment to the community. The foundation also appreciated the mutually beneficial arrangement that helped keep people working and fed.

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