“Gal Gadot shares heartwarming moment with Frances McDormand at Vanity Fair event, following empowering speech on diversity”

The speech given by Frances McDormand while accepting the award for Best Actress at the Oscars was incredibly heartfelt. She called upon all the female nominees to join her on stage, which deeply touched the audience and left many in tears. At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Gal Gadot was overjoyed for Frances and gave her a warm embrace to show her appreciation for the win. The two stars were also seen chatting enthusiastically on the red carpet, highlighting the bond and camaraderie shared by strong, inspiring women in the entertainment industry.

Big night: Gal Gadot, 32, greeted Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 60, with a very warm embrace at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night

During the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Gal Gadot shared a warm embrace with Frances McDormand, who had just won the best actress award and delivered a passionate speech regarding diversity. Gal was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with Frances, and the two engaged in a lengthy conversation at the star-studded afterparty. Frances greatly appreciated the attention and dialogue, as Gal was clearly enthusiastic about forging a connection with her.

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

Fan girl: Shunning everyone else around her on the red carpet, Gal, 32, showered Frances, 60, with affection before the two stars enthusiastically chatted away

The ultimate fangirl moment! A woman who’s 32 years of age showed no interest in the other individuals present on the red carpet. Instead, her full attention was fixated on Frances, who’s 60. The pair were spotted showering each other with love and having an enthusiastic conversation.

Sensational: She moved the audience to tears by asking all of her fellow female nominees to stand with her as she collected the award for Best Actress

Incredible: Her gesture moved the crowd as she invited all her fellow female nominees to stand with her on stage while accepting the award for Best Actress.

Warm embrace: Gal was clearly keen on having some time alone with Frances as she made a beeline towards her at the star studded afterparty

Warm embrace: It was clear that Gal was thrilled to have some meaningful moments with Frances as she swiftly made her way towards her during the extravagant after-party.

Hollywood's elite: Knowing full well it was her time to shine, Frances happily lapped up the attention as she conversed with stunning Gal

Frances stole the show at a Hollywood event, rubbing shoulders with A-listers like Gal. The two ladies were seen chatting away, with Gal turning heads in a stunning red gown that showed off her toned figure. Her dress had a plunging neckline and thigh-high split, making her cleavage, arms, and legs stand out. With contoured makeup and slicked-back hair, Gal was the epitome of beauty.

Stars: While she stood next to an Oscar winner, Gal also commanded attention in a glittering red gown which showcased her figure to perfection

In a stunning red dress that accentuated her curves, Gal stole the show and became the center of attention. Despite sharing the stage with an Oscar winner, she managed to shine brighter than any other star that night.

Wow: The number plunged down the middle to showcase her cleavage before going on to skim the rest of her envy-inducing statistics

Wow! The dress she wore was breathtaking. It had a neckline that plunged beautifully, emphasizing her cleavage, and then flowed down elegantly to accentuate the rest of her stunning figure.

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Red hot: Showing off her toned arms thanks to the spaghetti strap detailing, Gal also showcased her perfect pins due to the number's thigh high split

Gal confidently showed off her well-defined biceps and shapely legs in a fiery ensemble with thin shoulder straps and a daringly high slit.

Beauty: The former Miss.Israel flaunted her stunning features with a contoured make-up look and slicked her brunette tresses behind her ears

In a stunning display, the former beauty pageant winner from Israel flaunted her beauty with expertly crafted contouring makeup and a chic hairdo that saw her brown locks elegantly swept back behind her ears.

Happy: Gal continued the animated display at the lavish bash with actress Tiffany Haddish

The 90th Academy Awards were lit up by the presence of Tiffany Haddish, who brought her signature energy to the occasion. Frances McDormand used her acceptance speech to highlight the need for increased investment in female-led films in Hollywood. She urged all women nominees to come together in support of the cause, in the hopes of bringing about a new perspective on the industry. Her playful call for Meryl Streep to join the movement added a touch of humor to the proceedings.

Woman of the hour: Tiffany also couldn't resist congratulating Frances with a warm embrace 

Tiffany was filled with elation and couldn’t contain her joy as she embraced Frances in a warm hug to express her congratulations for being the focus of everyone’s attention.

Powerful: This comes after Frances called for more funding for female driven films as she asked all her fellow women who were nominated in all categories to stand with her

Frances made a plea for more funding to be allocated towards female-directed movies and encouraged fellow female nominees to join her in this effort. Her actions demonstrate her unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality in the film industry.

Incredible moment: Frances then asked all the female nominees of the night to stand with her in solidarity; She went on to add humorously, 'Meryl, if you do, everyone else will' 

Frances made a memorable move by inviting all the female nominees in attendance to unite and stand together. She even playfully teased Meryl, suggesting that if she stood up, the rest would follow suit.

She's ready: 21-time nominee Meryl Streep got to her feet and helped rouse everyone to attention

Having amassed 21 nominations, Meryl Streep was primed to leave a significant impression. She rose to her feet and urged the audience to take notice.

Having her say: McDormand closed with a message clearly directed to industry insiders, 'I have two words to leave with you tonight: inclusion rider'

When wrapping up her speech, McDormand shared a significant message to the entertainment industry. She disclosed that Meryl Streep’s act of advocating for her female co-nominees stimulated her to call attention to various stories and projects that necessitate financial support. Furthermore, she urged the insiders of the industry to invite filmmakers to their offices or visit their offices to get more information about these initiatives. Lastly, she concluded with two words, which were intended as an explicit instruction: inclusion rider.

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