From Hoops to High Fashion: The Evolution of Jordan Clarkson’s NBA Style

Jordan Clarkson’s fashion sense is truly remarkable, making him stand out among many athletes. During his recent attendance at New York Fashion Week, he exhibited his impeccable style by wearing a Tommy Hilfiger rugby jumper with enormous stripes while standing along with the legendary designer. He also rocked a Canadian tuxedo designed by Demna from Balenciaga and adorned a big crucifix pendant by Alex Moss, an up-and-coming jeweler. At the Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Portfolio and Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary party, he looked stunning in a sleeveless gray tweed suit jacket and skirt by Thom Browne.

It’s not surprising to see famous people like Clarkson sporting clothes from top designers. However, what may surprise some is his recent collaboration with Lululemon in the fashion industry. Clarkson models various items from the label’s latest ad campaign, “Your Move,” ranging from neon yellow training-friendly Pace Breaker shorts to more relaxed styles such as tan trench coats. Despite his involvement in Ye’s Yeezy SHDZ campaign, Clarkson sees potential for Lululemon’s next chapter. In fact, he thinks they are growing in all aspects, and he particularly loves the Parkway Insulated Coat that he wears in the photo shoot. According to Clarkson, he believes that he is the best-dressed NBA player, but he insists that everyone has their own style.

Clarkson’s endorsement undoubtedly elevates Lululemon’s status, especially since he is known as one of the NBA’s most stylish players. He will be playing in his tenth NBA season, and he is prepared to face challenges on the floor this year. Despite trade speculations and the departure of Donovan Mitchell and the rest of the Utah Jazz team, Clarkson remains committed to winning with whichever team he starts the season with.

Regarding his relationship with Lululemon, Clarkson shares that their bond developed naturally, as he had faith in their brand-new, groundbreaking concept. He believes that they are improving in every relevant area, be it trends, workouts, or anything else. Although he is featured prominently in the store advertising, including large window displays, and part of this relationship, he does not see himself participating in joint clothing releases.

It’s possible that my unique spin on clothing and style could help me stand out. However, what’s truly important is emotional well-being, which is often overlooked in professional sports. Physical fitness is crucial, but mental health is just as significant. Meditation and mindfulness have helped me develop as a person and athlete. During the hectic holiday season, I isolate myself for some peace and quiet, focusing on my surroundings to maintain my sanity. As for fashion, I loved the Givenchy collection at New York Fashion Week, and Thom Browne’s designs are always fantastic. My Thom Browne outfit was a natural choice, and I’ve had a great relationship with the team since my time in Cleveland. Ultimately, high fashion is just another way for NBA players to pursue their dreams and expand their opportunities.

I have a vivid memory of being in Cleveland during the Finals and feeling completely exhausted. It wasn’t until I realized we were actually in San Francisco that it all made sense. The heat was getting to me, and I needed to adjust my wardrobe accordingly. We all wanted to coordinate our outfits for the game, so we sent each other photos and comments in a group text.

As for my recent Thom Browne suit, I’ve heard it compared to Russell Westbrook’s Met Gala dress. While Russ has definitely had an impact on my personal style, individual tastes can vary depending on the designer. Thom Browne specializes in this particular style, and I think we’re both pretty good at making it work.

My enormous crucifix necklace was created by Alex Moss, who also designs jewelry for Tyler, the Creator and even made a ring for Drake recently. It’s cool how well they all get along.

Regarding my tattoos, it’s something that has always interested me, but I wanted to make sure I found the right tattoo artist who could bring my ideas to life. I started with some patchwork, but eventually decided to go for a more realistic look and incorporate pieces that relate to my personal story. My tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, feels like a sibling or cousin to me at this point. We actually met at the gym, and I’ve been getting tattooed by him every day for a week.

Finally, since arriving in Utah, it seems like my fashion choices have garnered more attention. I’d describe my style as unique and always evolving, but ultimately it’s about wearing what makes me feel confident and comfortable.

In my perspective, the fashion industry is not just about the designers and their creations. The wearers also play a significant role in the final product. For instance, if Kim Kardashian wears a classic Marilyn Monroe piece, no one would attribute it solely to the designer. Therefore, I believe that creativity is a collective effort, and I wear what I enjoy, feels comfortable, and looks good without thinking much. My room may look like a war zone with clothes scattered everywhere because of the preparation for fashion week. Although I focus on games and court action during the season, the photographs I posted from the tunnel drew a lot of attention. However, I do not pay much attention to that. The offseason acquisition that excites me the most is my Lululemon trench coat because it is light and has a purpose for daily use. Though everyone has their unique style, I believe I have the best wardrobe among players in the league.

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

Wow, that’s such a silly idea! I’m a huge fan of Frank Jackson and think he’s the most authentic person out there. It’s really attractive, you know? It’s exciting to see many basketball clubs bringing back old uniforms and strategies this season. The Jazz, for instance, are reviving their purple mountain era uniforms. I think it’s pretty cool and legendary, as everything comes full circle. A lot of ’90s fashion trends are making a comeback, and loose-fitting clothing is all the rage. People will always remember when the Jazz wore those mountain clothes and made it to the playoffs to face Jordan. I remember the San Antonio Spurs bringing back their fiesta jerseys a few years ago, which was awesome. It’s so cool to see these classics back in action. As a Sixers fan, I’m still hoping that they’ll bring back the Iverson throwback uniforms. Those black and red jerseys are incredible. They should make them massive if they ever bring them back. The Lakers’ Showtime uniforms even influenced Kobe to wear shorter shorts, so it’s time to do the unthinkable and embrace extremely loose-fitting shorts.

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

The Jazz have experienced a lot of changes this summer with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert leaving the team. With the upcoming basketball season approaching, my thoughts on how it will go are uncertain. As someone who has been in the league for nine years, I am ready to take on any direction that the team’s management, owners, and I decide to take. My ultimate goal is to win a championship, so whether I am wearing a new jersey or not doesn’t matter. I am in Utah to take first place, make it to the postseason, and field a competitive squad. It’s been tough to come down from the high of our previous victories, but every morning brings a new opportunity to find a solution.

As an NBA player, roster changes and trades are normal occurrences. The Lakers’ young core, including myself, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and D’Lo, left the team and made names for ourselves elsewhere. I often wonder what would have happened if we had stayed together and had more time to mature as a group.

Fashion Forward: How Jordan Clarkson Earned the Title of Best-Dressed NBA Player

In my opinion, it was destined to fail when we were all brought together. We each had our own talents and were like stars in our own right [Laughs]. It was time for a change of scenery, so we all went our separate ways. I find it amusing to look back on the tweets and online chatter now. The Lakers did a great job evaluating us and our skills, and selecting us in the draft gave us all the opportunity we needed. But having us all on the same team wouldn’t have resulted in a championship or anything like that. Whatever the case may be, they got LeBron for us and that’s just part of the job. Each of us shone in our own way, but to truly develop, we needed to leave our comfort zones.

When asked about playing for the Philippines national team, it truly is an honor for me. I feel love and encouragement from the country every time I represent them. It’s always a highlight of my life to perform for them. If we’re fortunate enough to win a few games and possibly even make it to the Olympics in August’s World Cup pool draw, that would be a dream come true and the most important accomplishment I could achieve for the team and the country.

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