“From Hollywood to Sussex Beach: Kevin Costner joins Gal Gadot for a Fun-Filled Shoot in Criminal Film”

For years, Camber Sands has been a charming destination of choice for those opting for a staycation. However, the beach received an unexpected visit this week from Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner, who arrived to shoot scenes for his latest film, Criminal. Alongside co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, and Ryan Reynolds, Costner has been filming various scenes across several locations in the South East.

The popular Hollywood actor Kevin Costner was recently spotted at Camber Sands with actress Gal Gadot, working on their latest film project “Criminal”. The two actors were seen filming a romantic sequence, sharing a joyful conversation, and breaking into laughter. They were driven onto the beach by a green Jeep and filmed chasing a young girl. Kevin even gave her a piggyback ride. However, the shoot wasn’t entirely flawless for the 59-year-old actor since he was seen sporting a blue sling on his arm throughout the shoot. The movie’s storyline has been kept secret, but it is believed to be centered around a killer who receives the skills and memories of a dead CIA operative to uncover a dangerous conspiracy. Check out the video below for more details.

He definitely has a valid argument: The actor from The Bodyguard motioned towards his gorgeous castmate as they prepared to act.

Are you kidding me? The personas that the actors portray seem to develop a strong bond in the highly anticipated film.

Kevin’s character is visibly injured in the film, as evidenced by the blue arm sling worn by the actor. The production crew and cast have already arrived in Kingston-on-Thames and Croydon College for shooting. According to a representative from Kingston Council, the majority of residents are excited about the project and have embraced the opportunity to interact with Hollywood stars. The presence of a large professional film crew has also been advantageous for local businesses.

As they made their way to the beach filming location, the cast members arrived in a robust Jeep.

Dad duty: The man who has seven children portrayed a touching moment with a young girl.

In hot pursuit: Gal had to match the quick stride of the young one as she dashed across the beach.

Carrying a child actor on his back, the 59-year-old celebrity gave her an A-list lift. Recently, Ryan Reynolds was seen zooming through London while filming his role in a project. Pictures taken on set showed his character taking control of a motorbike from a confused rider. The release date for the film, directed by Ariel Vromen, has not been announced by its producers.

The streets of Hollywood are buzzing with excitement as Ryan Reynolds joins the cast of a new movie. The film revolves around a murderer who receives the memories of a deceased CIA agent implanted into his mind. Reynolds has been seen filming his scenes for the project, adding to the anticipation for this action-packed thriller.

The team of actors, comprising of Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and others, have filmed some segments in Kingston and Croydon as part of their England trip.

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