“From Assistant to Champion: Ex-Warrior Coach Celebrates NBA Victory”

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Mark Jackson Introductory Press Conference

Michael Malone won his first ring as a coach on Monday night, with the Denver Nuggets. Many factors led to this victory, including the return of Jamal Murray from ACL surgery, the defensive play of Aaron Gordon, and Malone’s fiery intensity. However, some credit must be given to his former mentor, Mark Jackson, who taught him how to win during his time as Jackson’s lead assistant for the Golden State Warriors from 2011 to 2013. Jackson instilled in Malone an “us-against-the-world” mentality, which was evident when Malone complained that reporters were not giving enough credit to the Nuggets’ defense. Malone also picked up on Jackson’s principles of basketball and used them to coach his team to victory. Although Jackson did not mention his two-year relationship with Malone much during the Finals, Andrew Bogut, a former Warrior, has hinted that Malone was the one running their defense during their time together. Despite some rumors of a strained relationship between the two, Malone deserves all the credit for his hard work and dedication in leading the Nuggets to a championship victory.

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