“From a $200 Childhood Shopping Spree to Relishing His Father’s $19 Million Success: Stephen Curry’s Humble Beginnings”

Relishing In His Father’s $19,000,000 Success, Stephen Curry’s $200 Childhood ‘Shopping Spree’ Had Him Feeling Like Everybody Else

Stephen Curry, the famous NBA player, comes from a privileged background. His father, Dell Curry, was a professional basketball player who earned over $19 million during his career and won the Sixth Man of the Year award once. Stephen and his siblings were fortunate to have access to all the necessary facilities and opportunities to become successful athletes. Despite this, Stephen received a meager allowance of only $200, just like any other regular kid.

Relishing In His Father's $19,000,000 Success, Stephen Curry's $200  Childhood 'Shopping Spree' Had Him Feeling Like Everybody Else - The  SportsRush

Stephen Curry had a higher chance of making it to the NBA than other stars of his generation, such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, who also grew up with humble beginnings. Despite being the son of an NBA player and living in a 16-acre mansion in Charlotte, Curry’s childhood was not one of extreme privilege. In fact, his parents would only give him $200 for back-to-school shopping, which he had to use to buy five outfits a year. This upbringing allowed Curry to develop into an unstoppable player who was hungry for success when he made it to the NBA in 2009. Additionally, even in college, he faced adversity due to his small stature, being heckled for looking younger than his age. Nonetheless, these challenges ultimately helped shape him into the greatest shooter in basketball, revolutionizing the game.

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