Discovering Cleive Ester Adams: The heartwarming and inspiring tale of Sonya Curry’s beloved father that will leave you in awe

Who is Cleive Ester Adams? He is a person who gained fame through his family connections. His daughter, Sonya Curry, a well-known figure in education in the United States, and his progeny, which includes both his children and grandchildren, contributed to his notoriety. He has African-American ancestry and was born and raised in the United States. Cleive Ester Adams has also made a name for himself as a basketball player. His ancestors have achieved success in various sporting competitions. Although he seemed to pursue a career in business when he was younger, there is not much information about it due to his discretion over his personal life.

Meet Cleive Ester Adams, an American businessman in his 80s. Adams was born in the United States, and he comes from an African-American ethnic heritage. Despite his success in business, Adams keeps his private life out of the public eye, so not much is known about his early years.

In the 1960s, Adams married Candy Ann Wyms, a woman of mixed racial heritage who was born and raised in Haiti. The couple met when Adams was in his twenties, and they have been together ever since. It is unclear where or when they tied the knot, but they have been living together since then, and there have been no reports of any divorce or infidelity.

Adams and Wyms have three children together: Sonya Alicia Curry, Cleive Adams Jr., and India Adams. Sonya has spoken fondly of her mother, saying that she has always been there for her and her two brothers. There are rumors circulating that the couple may have split up, but there has been no official confirmation of this.

As for Adams’ professional life, he is a successful businessman, but his net worth is currently unknown.

Candy Adams Lou is a frequent sight on her daughter Sonya Curry’s Instagram. Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams were blessed with three children from their relationship, namely Cleive Adams Jr., Sonya Adams, and India Adams. Cleive must be overjoyed with his children and grandchildren’s professional accomplishments. Sonya Adams Curry, his eldest daughter, is an accomplished educator and university administrator. During her high school years at Radford, she was also a skilled volleyball player. She then pursued higher education at Virginia Tech College, laying the foundation for her future career. Sonya Curry is now married to basketball sensation Dell Curry. In addition, Cleive Ester Adams’s son, Clevie Jr., is the head football coach at Averett University. His long-term involvement in sports has allowed him to earn a substantial salary over the decades.

India Adams, the younger daughter of Cleive Ester Adams, prefers not to have a social media presence and has gained recognition as Sonya Adams Curry’s sister. Cleive Ester Adams has three grandchildren who are well-known for their professional accomplishments. Stephen Curry, his eldest grandson, is an NBA player with three titles to his name. Sydel, Cleive’s granddaughter, is a volleyball player at Elon University, while Seth, Adam’s second grandchild, is an NBA player. Adams himself was likely a businessman, but little information is available about his career. His family faced financial difficulties and racism, making it hard to determine his net worth. However, his daughter Sonya has a net worth of USD 6 million and Dell Curry, his son-in-law, has a net worth of USD 130 million, suggesting that they lead a luxurious life.

Cleive, who is the grandfather of renowned basketball player Stephen Curry, has had a relatively controversy-free life. However, there have been minor issues concerning his daughter Sonya. During the NBA conference finals, Sonya’s two sons were playing against each other, making it hard for her to choose which one to support. To resolve this, they flipped a coin to decide which team’s jersey they would wear. Sonya opted to wear a Portland Trail Blazers jersey, but this decision was not well-received by some fans. Cleive prefers to keep a low profile, and as such, he is not very active on social media. As a result, there is not much accessible information concerning his accounts.

He might not be in the limelight but his children, grandchildren, and son-in-law have made him famous. His appearances in the media are usually through their sources. However, if you want to follow his family members, here are some links for you to check out:
– Sonya Curry’s Instagram: 244,000 followers
– Stephen Curry’s Instagram: 47 million followers
– Stephen Curry’s Twitter: 17.1 million followers
– Sydel Curry Lee’s Instagram: 713,000 followers
– Seth Curry’s Twitter: 385,000 followers

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