“Championing LeBron: Fans Provide Proof in Defense Against Reggie Jackson’s ‘Broken Ankle’ Foul Accusations”

During the NBA season’s opening game, the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers faced off, and viewers were thrilled by a moment where Reggie Jackson seemed to trip LeBron James before making a three-point shot. The incident caused a stir among basketball enthusiasts, but recent video evidence has revealed that Jackson did not actually embarrass James by causing him to fall during the play.

Video proof shows Reggie Jackson caused LeBron James to fall on a viral play from the Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets matchup

A viral play from the Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets matchup has been caught on camera, showing Reggie Jackson causing LeBron James to take a tumble. The video proof of this incident is now making rounds on social media.

Jackson stepped on LeBron's foot, tripping him up before knocking down a 3 over the four-time NBA champion

During the game, Jackson accidentally stepped on LeBron’s foot causing him to lose balance. Despite this, Jackson managed to knock down a 3-point shot over the famous four-time NBA champion.

Many NBA fans mocked James for having his 'ankles broken' immediately after the play

During a recent NBA game, LeBron James faced some mocking from fans online after falling to the ground during a play against the Denver Nuggets. In the early minutes of the second half, Jamal Murray passed to a teammate, who then made a three-point shot that put Denver in the lead. Many people took to social media to make fun of James for allegedly having his “ankles broken” by the opposing player. However, others defended James by sharing alternate viewpoints of the play that showed the opposing player stepping on James’ foot, causing him to fall. Some fans even argued that an offensive foul should have been called.

A third person chimed in, claiming that Reggie Jackson simply stepped on LeBron’s foot and shouldn’t be credited with breaking his ankles. However, tensions have been high between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers since last year’s playoffs, when the Nuggets triumphed over LeBron’s team in the conference finals and ultimately won the NBA championship. To add fuel to the fire, a Colorado sportscaster referred to Lakers’ coach Mike Malone as “the Lakers’ daddy” during the championship parade in June.

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