“Behind the Scenes Action in Venice: Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa Clash in Intense Shootout with Oscar Isaac as Captive in In The Hand Of Dante”

Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa were captured on camera filming a tense scene at gunpoint on a Venice rooftop for their upcoming movie, In The Hand Of Dante. In the scene, Gal, 38, was holding a revolver and pointing it at Jason, 44, who was also armed with a pistol. Meanwhile, Oscar Isaac, 44, was tied up and gagged at Gal’s feet. Both Hollywood stars were fully in character as they filmed the gripping scene. Gal had a worried expression as she held her gun with both hands, while Jason, donning a white suit, pulled out a larger rifle and edged closer. In The Hand Of Dante follows the story of a priest who has uncovered the most valuable and rarest art object ever discovered.

Action packed: Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa filmed gripping gunpoint scenes on a rooftop in Venice for In The Hand Of Dante

The filming of In The Hand Of Dante was filled with excitement as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa shot intense scenes on a rooftop in Venice, where they faced gunpoint situations.

Hold your hands up! The actress, 38, was seen pointing her revolver at the Aquaman star, 44, who also had a pistol while Oscar Isaac, 44, who had a gag in his mouth, lay tied up at her feet

Raise your hands in the air! The female performer, aged 38, was spotted aiming her gun at the 44-year-old leading actor of Aquaman, who was also holding a firearm. Meanwhile, Oscar Isaac, also aged 44, was lying on the floor with a gag in his mouth and his feet tied up.

Drama: As the cameras rolled, the Hollywood stars got into character

The Hollywood stars were in character as the cameras rolled for an upcoming film directed by Julian Schnabel. While details about the characters are yet to be revealed, Gal and Jason were spotted filming a tense shoot out scene with fake bullets flying around as they ran to the top of a rooftop for the showdown. It’s interesting to note that Johnny Depp had initially purchased the film rights to the Nick Tosches novel in 2008 but has now stepped back from featuring in the movie, leaving Oscar to take his place. The novel itself features two different stories – one set in Italy and Sicily in the 14th century and follows Dante Alighieri’s journey for mystical knowledge, while the other takes place in the autumn of 2001 and features a fictionalised version of Nick Tosches as the protagonist. Throughout the book, the two storylines alternate, with Nick being called in by black market traders to authenticate a manuscript of The Divine Comedy said to be written by Dante himself.

Face off: Gal had a worried expression as she clasped the gun with both hands as Jason, who rocked a white suit, edged nearer

As Gal held the gun with both hands, her face was filled with concern and anxiety. Meanwhile, Jason advanced closer to her, dressed in a pristine white suit.

Snapping out of character: Gal giggled as she struggled to gain her composure during the confrontation

Breaking character: Gal burst into a fit of giggles as she tried to compose herself during the argument.

Character: Despite the actress' demure outfit, she had a gun in her hand hinting her character is more complex than first thought

Despite the fact that the actress was dressed modestly, her character’s complexity was hinted at by the gun she held in her hand.

Suspense building: The nail-biting scenes saw the cast film on the rooftop

The scenes were filled with tension as the cast filmed on the rooftop, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Plot: The film follows the story of a priest who has discovered the rarest and most valuable art object ever found

The movie depicts the tale of a clergyman who stumbles upon an exceptionally unique and precious artwork.

Held hostage: Jason pointed his gun at Oscar, who was tied and gagged

In a scene from a film, Oscar was bound and silenced while Jason pointed a gun at him. Jason, who is known for his acting, will co-star with Dave Bautista in an upcoming comedy action movie directed by Angel Manuel Soto. The script for The Wrecking Crew was written before the writer’s and actor’s strikes that occurred in June and July respectively. Although the plot details for the movie are under wraps, it is expected to be a buddy action comedy. Interestingly, Bautista tweeted about wanting to work on a buddy cop movie with Jason almost two years ago, and it seems like his wish has finally come true.

How about this: Imagine a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon, but starring yours truly and Jason Momoa, directed by David Leitch. I’m putting it out there – let’s see what happens! Jason and I first met while filming the sci-fi action series See, and we also appear in Dune together this year. When asked about the potential film on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jason was all for it – and who wouldn’t be? Dave would rock his speedos, I’d stick to my board shorts, and we’d both have our shirts off. I’d bring the charm, Dave would be grumpy. It’s a no-brainer.

One to watch: The film, directed by Julian Schnabel, is in early production and character details are yet to be revealed

Keep an eye out for this one: Julian Schnabel is directing a new film that’s still in the early stages of production, and we haven’t been given any details about the characters just yet.

Getting the big guns out: Jason then produced an even bigger gun

Bringing in the heavy artillery: Jason proceeded to unveil an even larger weapon.

At a height: The cast filmed right on the edge of the rooftop with the river below

The actors were shooting their scene on the rooftop’s edge, where the river could be seen below them.

Friendly: Jason was seen giving a hug

In a heartwarming gesture, Jason was spotted embracing someone in a warm and friendly manner. The sight of him giving a tight hug oozed warmth and kindness, leaving a positive impression on those around him. It’s always refreshing to witness such acts of affection and compassion in today’s world.

Having fun: Gal looked like she having a blast

Enjoyment: The young woman appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

Action: Oscar was later pictured filming an alfresco restaurant scene

Oscar was caught on camera filming a scene at an outdoor dining spot.

Filming: Gal blew a kiss at the restaurant

During the filming, Gal sent a kiss to the camera while she was at the restaurant.

Cameras rolling: The actress rocked a Kate Moss T-shirt as she stood near extras

The actress was caught on camera wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of supermodel Kate Moss. She was standing close to a group of extras, looking effortlessly cool.

Chat: Gal chatted away to director Julian Schnabel

Gal engaged in a lively conversation with filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

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